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Dedicated To Sharing the truth of Young Earth Creation Science. This channel contain topics on Health, Longevity, Noah's Flood, Genesis, and the true history of humanity.

Standing For Truth

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Defending the Truth of Biblical Creation

The Standing For Truth Biblical Creation Ministry exists to defend the Christian faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. We focus on providing answers to questions pertaining to Biblical Creation, and Christianity. We also strive to refute all objections—and answer all challenges put forth by the critics of Biblical Creation. We also strongly believe in critical thinking, which is why we host interviews, debates, and discussions to further strengthen the believer’s faith. It is also our hope that our content will bring the unbeliever to faith in Jesus Christ and the truth of Biblical Creation.

Donny Budinsky



Dedication to Travis Budinsky

Not a day goes by where I don’t think about you and how you led me to the truth. This ministry continues on because of your dedication to the truth. This ministry would not have been possible if it were not for your amazing efforts, Travis Budinsky. I love you brother. I can’t wait to see you again.

An Interview with Donny Budinsky
Becoming a Biblical Creationist (Testimony)

Lecture | Endogenous Retroviruses – Donny Budinsky

The Endogenous Retrovirus Handbook

By Donny Budinsky

Black and White Edition

Full Color Edition with Variant Cover

End Times Theology Dawn of the Antichrist

By Donny Budinsky

Black and White Edition

Full Color Edition with Variant Cover

The Great Rapture Debate

Donny Budinsky vs. JD Morin

The Great Daniel 9 Debate

Donny Budinsky vs. Jamie Russell

Special Creation Updated and Expanded

By Donny Budinsky

Black and White Edition

Full Color Edition with Variant Cover

The Endogenous Retrovirus Handbook OFFICIAL TRAILER

Are Endogenous Retroviruses Evidence for Evolution?Donny Budinsky vs. Luca Medugno

The Great Ancestry Debate
Donny Budinsky vs. Grayson

Podcast Debate

Is Genetic Entropy a Legitimate Challenge to Evolution? (Donny vs Taylor)

(Hosted by Standing For Truth Ministries)

Best Selling Books

The First Couple: Adam and Eve -Independent Origins: Refuting The Critics Of Biblical Creation Part One


The Independent Origin Handbook


The Independent Origin Handbook( Black & White)


The Young Earth Creation Model: The True History Of Humanity


Destroying Aron Ra’s Flood Series: The Amazing Science of Noah’s Flood.


Special Creation: Dismantling Evolution And Confirming Independent Origin.


The Great Debate | Marian Dogmas

– Dr. Robert Sungenis vs. Steve Christie

The Great Rapture Debate (Is The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Biblical?)

Pastor Matt Furse vs. Pastor Daniel Aldridge

The Great Salvation Debate

Bob Wilkin vs Robert Sungenis

Is Oneness Biblical?

Matt Slick vs John Barton

The Evolution Debate Challenge (Evolution on Trial)

Kent Hovind vs Planarwalk

Standing For Truth Ministries Presents

Amazing Evidence for Noah’s Flood With Dr. Dan Biddle from Genesis Apologetics

Technical Debate on Endogenous Retroviruses

Donny Budinsky vs Taylor

Debate on Human Evolution

Donny Budinsky vs Luca Medugno

The Genesis Flood Debate

Professer David McQueen vs. Dr. Jason Torn

Does The New Testament Teach That Jesus is God?

Chris Date vs. Dr. Shabir Ally

Dinosaur Soft Tissue

Amazing Evidence for Biblical Creation

Matt Slick vs. Dr. Shabir Ally

Hosted and Moderated by Standing For Truth

Panel of PhD Scientists Address

Origin Of Life Research on Standing For Truth

PhD Biochemist Debunks JUNK DNA

Pseudogenes, ERVs, and More!

PhD Biochemist Refutes the Critics!


PhD Astrophysicist Gives Amazing Evidence for Young Earth Creation!

Hosted by Standing For Truth

The King James Only Controversy DEBATE

Will Kinney vs. TurretinFan

Top Videos

from the Standing For Truth Ministry

Amazing Evidence For Christianity
Dinosaurs and The Bible
Young Earth Creation Testable Predictions
Did Man Live to 900?

Refuting Arguments Against Genetic Entropy - Can Simple Organisms Overcome Genetic Entropy?

Refuting Nested Hierarchies and Homology as Evidence for Common Ancestry

Demolishing Evidence For Human Evolution

How Genetics Confirms Separate Ancestry (Presented by Donny Budinsky and Matt Nailor)

Examining Human Evolution With Dr. Jerry Bergman

Whatever Happened to the Wooly Mammoth?

Defending the Trinity with Anthony Rogers

Polystrate Fossils – Amazing Evidence for a Worldwide Flood

Answering Common Questions and Refuting Arguments!

Kent Hovind from Creation Science Evangelism vs. Kenny Rhodes from Reasons To Believe

The Great Age of the Earth Debate! Young or Old?

The Green River Formation Michael J. Oard

Standing For Truth

Intense Soteriology Debate

Donny VS. Daniel Mira (Can A Believer Lose His Salvation?)

Ocean Sediments and INCREDIBLE New Flood Developments with Mike Oard

Hosted by Standing For Truth Ministries

Must Watch Presentation

Scientific Evidence for the Inspiration of The Bible with Jay Seegert

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