Donny Budinsky

Donny worked as a Registered Practical Nurse for many years. During his time working as an RPN, he converted to Christianity and became a Young Earth Creationist. This was after being confronted with evidence that contradicted his belief in evolution. 

Having a passion for the truth, Donny devoted himself to studying science topics he became familiar with in school and while working as a Registered Practical Nurse. He became fascinated with the concept of “genetic entropy” (a term coined by Dr. John Sanford). The reality of genetic entropy and mutation accumulation (which puts shelf lives on genomes) helped motivate Donny to work towards full-time ministry. While working in sales, Donny started a YouTube channel called Standing For Truth. The goal of his channel is to defend the truth of biblical creation.

Donny has engaged in 100 online debates (as of the time writing this). His debate opponents are well-known critics of Young Earth Creation. He has debated several PhD scientists and many serious students of evolutionary theory. Donny has hosted and moderated over 250 debates on all sorts of topics, ranging from origins (Genesis) to eschatology (Revelation).

Donny hosts several shows a week that include debates, interviews, commentaries, and discussions. Every year, Donny hosts a Defending Genesis conference that comprises professional speakers on creation, evolution, and the Genesis Flood. He has been interviewed over various YouTube channels and Podcasts. Donny has hosted more than 100 interviews with experts from around the world. He has authored many books and several articles on the topic of origins. These books include The Endogenous Retrovirus Handbook, and Special Creation.

Donny has examined a wide range of topics connected to genetics and biology. These topics consist of endogenous retroviruses and other retroelements, pseudogenes, chromosome 2 “fusion”, human evolution, and genetic entropy. He has given many presentations and talks on these subjects. Donny is determined to answer the question of ancestry with the best lines of evidence and argumentation available. This is why he has devoted his time to focusing on subjects that proponents of evolution look to as the best evidence for common descent—such as endogenous retroviruses. Donny lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada with his wife Jessica and they are blessed with 3 children.

Selected Articles & Books:

Refuting Arguments Against Genetic Entropy – Does genetic drift solve the mutation load paradox? By Christopher Rupe & Donny Budinsky

Can Simple Organisms Overcome Genetic Entropy? Refuting Arguments Against Genetic Entropy – by Donny Budinsky

The Endogenous Retrovirus Handbook – Dismantling the Best Evidence for Common Descent

Special Creation – Dismantling Evolution and Confirming Independent Origins