Multiple Topics Addressed (Questions and Challenges)

Dinosaurs and the Bible

Is there evidence for the existence of Noah?

Scientific evidence for the Biblical Noah

Did man live to 900?

What is the scientific evidence for God?

Did Jesus claim to be God?

Theories on the Pre-Flood World

Tens of thousands of species in just 4500 Years?

Were Neanderthals Human?

The TRUTH about Whale Evolution

What does the Bible say about the End Times?

Amazing scientific evidence in DNA for Design

What does it mean to “Endure to the End”?

Young Earth Creationist vs. Theistic Evolutionist

Why Christianity?

Desert Deposits and the Coconino Sandstone

Responding to evidence for Whale Evolution – Pseudogenes and Embryological Development

What is the correct view of the Millennium?

Are Endogenous Retroviruses good evidence for Evolution?

Bible Prophecy and Dual-Prophecy Fulfillment

Is Tiktaalik a Transitional Fossil?

Explaining the Problem of Evil and Suffering

Two Views of Daniel’s 70th Week

Are the abundance of moon craters a problem for Young Earth Creation?

Who is the Restrainer of 2 Thessalonians 2:6-7?

Living Fossils and the Cambrian Explosion – Two Massive Problems for Evolutionary Theory

What about Walking Whales?

Is Lucy the Australopithecine an evolutionary Transition?

What is the best understanding of Endogenous Retroviruses?