New Technical Article by Christopher Rupe and Donny Budinsky on Genetic Entropy!

New Technical Article Now Available!

Refuting Arguments Against Genetic Entropy

Does genetic drift solve the mutation load paradox?

By Christopher Rupe and Donny Budinsky


Genetic entropy is a fatal blow to evolution. The critics have failed in all their attempts to counter the reality of genetic entropy. I (Donny) have engaged in 100 debates with evolutionists (both PhD evolutionists and serious students of evolution) and the topic of genetic degeneration has been a focus of many of these debates—and discussions. The rescue devices employed by the skeptics have not been sufficient in addressing the mutation load paradox. How can selection remove that which is unselectable? It can’t. Synergistic epistasis, mutation count mechanisms, truncation selection, fitness variations, adaptive and compensatory mutations, the existence of bacteria and simple organisms, have all failed miserably as counters to genetic entropy.

One specific rescue device that has popped up recently is “genetic drift can solve the mutation accumulation problem”. Christopher Rupe (author of the must-read book Contested Bones) and I have authored a technical article refuting this unimpressive rescue mechanism. This article has been reviewed by many, and its contents demonstrate exactly why the existence of genetic entropy is not only devastating evidence against common descent, but also indisputable evidence for special creation—and separate ancestry. The critics have offered their best counters, and these counters have been dismantled. The evolutionary community has an unresolved genetics problem that precludes common descent from being true.

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